When to Plan ? 

Plan a session within 14 days in the morning or early afternoon. you can contact us as soon as you can after the baby is born so that we can schedule the same for you. First 7-10 days is ideal as the baby is sleeping most of the time …


What to carry along? 

  • A pacifier for soothing in case the baby is cranky ( some parents are reluctant using pacifier but we insist only one time use on the day of the shoot)
  • Carry extra milk bottle in case of top feed
  • any special item that you want to be photographed with your baby(this is discussed in consultation session once the shoot is booked)

Family Portraits

  • We suggest parents , siblings to dress in solid plain colours. Avoid checks, prints .
  • colour coordination always works

We are always there to help you out with choosing the outfits . Happy to help 🙂

Session Duration

Ideally the session lasts for 2-3hrs. The younger the baby the better. We go as per the newborns comfort level, taking ample pauses in case the baby is cranky or needs feed break. Inside the studio ideal temperature is maintained to keep the baby warm. We have a separate room for client and a cot for newborn ,sanitised and clean.

Session ideation 

  • Once the session is  booked we work upon the ideas . We have blankets , baskets , headbands, costumes , wraps , and variety of other props that we use to design a session.
  • Each item is washed to ensure cleanliness before the shoot.
  • Each time before touching the baby we sanitise our hands as we understand a newborn session is sensitive matter.